The Wood Plank is a block that is not naturally occurring. It appears to be a group of wooden planks or boards put into a block. It is a highly used building material, often used as flooring or walls. Wood Plank blocks are closely related to the Wooden trunk block, which is naturally occurring. Both of these materials are flammable, so watch out for theFire button when building a wooden house!

Dark Wood

Dark Wood was a darker colored Wood Block that was removed in version 1.6. It was replaced with the ability to paint wood darker. Although there is the paintable wooden plank, you cannot paint it to be the identical Dark Wood that was in previous updates.


  • This block is very similar to Wooden Planks in Minecraft, except the block in Eden is more lightly colored.
  • There are four floorboards on each side of the Wood Plank.
  • Many use these as bridges over a moat.


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