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Downtown in 2015

Downtown dc
A map of the city 3/9/2013

Map of the city 3/9/2013

Washington DC (Eden Version) is a city with several detailed buildings and landmarks based off of the American capital city of Washington DC. The city includes many iconic buildings and landmarks from other cities such as New York City and London. The world also features an airport, subway system, and elevated highway.The city was built by Comradebrian.


  • White House

    The White House


    Downtown of the city


    The Capitol Building east of the National Mall

    There are only 3 vehicles seen in the city: a plane at the airport, a motorcycle in a house's garage, and a tank in a museum on the mall.
  • The center of the Washington monument lines up with the center of the White House, Capitol Building, and the Lincoln Memorial
  • The White House was the first building built in the city.
  • The planet Express building from Futurama can be found between the river and airport.
  • The house from UP is found next to the Planet Express building
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