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[[Category:Unnatural Block]]
[[Category:Unnatural Block]]
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[[Category:Special Block]]

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The Vine is a block that was introduced to Eden in version 1.6. It is very similar to the ladder block. You can scale the Vine block vertically, as well as horizontally. It can be used to get to high places, without using stairs. It can be climbed on the left, right, front, and back sides. It is not naturally occuring. It can also be incorporated into ceilings as a way to cross them, as you can remain attached to them while you are suspended above ground. If you want to make ancient ruins, this is a good way to make the ruins look old.


The Vine block is usually used to make ruins, overgrown structures, towers, riverbanks (or moss), canals, and houses. It can be climbed on its underside, and can be used in an adventurous setting or RPG. It also looks good when mixed into a medieval setting, because the vines on the stone add to the scenery. For rivers, it is better used as moss, growing on the side of the river.


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