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UPDATES: World will be discontinued after December 2014. The last Update will be 
         Version 17. The updates from now on will only feature beatification 
         updates. A large update was planned, but cancelled after my iPod that 
         the world was on broke.

Village With Fort is a very large world. It took over 3 years to complete. It is a great world to explore. It has a Subway System, a Quarry, a Lighthouse, a Fort, and much more.

Lakewood Neighborhoods[]

  • Valleyview Heights- Medium Wealth Old Fashioned Residential Area
  • Efron Valley- Medium Wealth Residential Area
  • Westford Heights- High Wealth Residential Area With Modern Mansions
  • Trenton- Medium Wealth Residential Area
  • Efron Hills- Medium Wealth Residential Area
  • Lakewood Valley- Medium Wealth Lakeside Community
  • Downtown- Historic District With Shops And Town Hall
  • Midtown- Medium Wealth Central District Of Lakewood

Charlottesville Districts and Neighborhoods[]

Village With Fort is so far made up of several Neighborhoods, and 5 Main Districts.


  • Fort- Military base with 2 buildings and 20 underground levels
  • Chesnut Ridge- Medium Wealth Commercial Area with some houses and duplexes
  • Rainbow Row- Based off of the famous Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC, USA
  • Old Town- Residential Area, First place built in the City, Home to the Capital Building
  • Durville Heights- Low Wealth Residential Area, Home to Lake Durville
  • Hebron Heights- Low Wealth Residential Area with some Buisinusses
  • Greene Valley- Medium Wealth Residential and Medium Wealth Commercial Area
  • Olive Heights- High Wealth Residential Area
  • Rainbow Town- Medium Wealth Residential Area With Unique Homes


  • Downtown- Medium Wealth Commercial Area with Skyscrapers
  • Fosterville- Low Wealth High Crime Residential Area
  • Cherry Hills- Low Wealth Residential Area
  • Highland Park- Low Wealth High Crime Residential Area
  • Highland Hills- Low Wealth High Crime Residential Area
  • Stadium Park- High Wealth Commercial Area With Football Stadium And Skyscrapers
  • Olympia- Medium Wealth Commercial Area
  • Clayton Park- Low Wealth Commercial And Residential Area


  • Harrison Park- Low Wealth Residential Area (INCOMPLETE)


  • Cherry Valley- Medium Wealth Residential Area 
  • Point Perry- Medium Wealth Historic District
  • Cherry Peak- Medium Wealth Historic District
  • Rivermist Park- Low Wealth Residential Area


  • Castro Valley- Medium Wealth Residential Area, Home To Glitch World Amusement Park
  • Ballston- Low Wealth Residential and High Wealth Commercial Area (NAMED FOR DISTRICT IN DC)
  • Jackson Towncenter- Low Wealth Residential Area
  • Mount Lebenon- Low Wealth Residential Area



  • Charlottesville- Urban City, Mainly Low Wealth Residential Areas
  • Doubletown- Suburban Town Mainly Medium Wealth Residential Area
  • Lakewood- Suburb of Charlottesville Contains Low Medium and High Wealth Residential Areas
  • Jamestown- Rural Village In St. Johns Township


  • Saint Johns Township- Rural Area That Incldes Several Fields and Farms
  • Peterson Township- Rural Area Just South Of Lakewood

Version 17 (UNRELEASED)[]

Version 15.5 is the next version of Village With Fort. I will be focusing on my Metro System and beautifing the city. Here are the new features:

  • Beautification Project for Greene Valley
  • Beautification Project for Olive Heights
  • Redisigned Bridge
  • Beautification Project In Rainbow Row
  • Gray Roads In Rainbow Row
  • Gray Roads In Chesnut Ridge
  • Redisigned Metro Stations With Gray Floors
  • Redisigned Metro Stations With Brown Chairs
  • Redisigned Metro Stations With Dark Gray Shoulders
  • Added Monorail System
  • Put Glass Dome Around Monorail
  • All Roads Gray
  • Expanded Rainbow Town
  • Jamestown Village
  • New Expressway On West Side
  • Finished Sidewalks In Doubletown
  • Covered Bridge
  • Small Road From Peterson Twp. To St. John's Twp.
  • Road Through Metroparks
  • Added Several Roads To Lakewood Areas
  • Modern Looking Shopping Plazas, Historic District, A Park In Middle Of Road, & Town Hall in Lakewood
  • Beautified Cemetery 
  • Added Lakewood Entrance To Glitch World
  • Added More Homes To Jackson Twp.
  • Added A Park In Jackson Twp.
  • Remade Mall Parking Lot
  • New Neighborhood- Clayton Park
  • Added Tons To Highland Hill


Version 15.4 (CURRENT)[]

Version 15.4 is the upcoming version of Village With Fort. 

  • Expanded Ballston
  • Aviary Photo Studio
  • Rainbow Town
  • Downtown Doubletown
  • PNC Tower

The Charlottesville Mall[]

The Charlottesville mall is one of Dblcut3's best builds. It is located in Olympia. It is 2 stories high with 20 stores in it. If you have any ideas for stores please contact Dblcut3. Here is a list of the stores:

  • Apple Store
  • Best Buy
  • Charlottesville Medical Association
  • Olympian Furniture Co.
  • Charlottesville Appliances
  • Phantom Fireworks
  • McDonalds
  • Subway 
  • Gamestop
  • Charlottesville Caviliers Sports Shop

Charlottesville Metro System[]

Charlottesville's Metro System is made up of a Subway and Monorail system.


Westford Heights[]

Westford Heights is going to feature homes atleast 25x25 big. Currently I am working on a 45x21 mansion from the Eden World Luxury Villas V8 Contemporary Estate. I am also working on a colonial style mansion that will be around 40x10. I also am working on the recreating the white modern looking house in The Olymic Metropolis. I also created a 25x15 home next to 4 great townhouses!


The Ethnic District[]

The Ethnic District is an area where all Eden members can build. Contact Dblcut3 if you want to build here. Here are the current builders:

  • Cazybert101
  • Nleo123
  • Astroaron



HD Photos[]

Here are some HD pictures taken with Aviary Photo Editor.


Downtown is by far the best part of Charlottesville. Here are some photos of Downtown.

The Metro Center
View From Durville Heights
The Veterans Memorial
Seifert Tower

The Metro Center

A small 6 story office building with a great rooftop bar

View From Durville Heights

Left- Dblcut3 Gaming HQ Middle- Leone Towers Right- Future Charlottesville News HQ

The Veterans Memorial

A simple memorial devoted to Charlottesville's fallen veterans

Seifert Tower

A well designed modern office building

The Metro Center
View From Durville Heights
The Veterans Memorial
Seifert Tower
The Bank Of Charlottesville
Leone Towers
View From Highland Hill

The Bank Of Charlottesville

A small 4 story clocktower

Leone Towers

Charlottesville's first Skyscraper

View From Highland Hill

The Bank Of Charlottesville
Leone Towers
View From Highland Hill


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