The Video Game Museum is the stuff of legends. Only old time Edeners will have the (original) video game museum, when worlds didn't get any preview pictures.

This massive world came to be when only normal worlds were available, and caves were still in the game, naturally generated. On starting, you go down a staircase, to enter a cave range with tons of pixel art avatars from the popular games that were considered new in the 80's and 90's await your viewing. Also on the outside, there are three truly massive monuments depicting Mario, Yoshi, and a ? Item Box from the Super Mario games.


  • In total, there are 18 different monuments in the world.
  • Go inside the item box mentioned previously, and you can enter the museum via, a tunnel inside the box.
  • A YouTube video with a tour of the world was uploaded on youtube in 2010. The original world and video are now sadly left in the dust, but the new world is not.

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