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Eden World Builder has gone through many updates, which add new features, change, or remove old ones. This page is a list of the changes and the features in each version of Eden - World Builder. The next update, Version 2.0, is supposedly ''"going to be the best update yet" ''as Ari Ronnen from kingly Games puts it.'' ''
Eden World Builder has gone through many updates, which add new features, change, or remove old ones. This page is a list of the changes and the features in each version of Eden - World Builder. According to Ari Ronnen, the next update, Version 2.0, will be the best one yet.'' '''' ''
==Version Changes==
==Version Changes==

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Eden World Builder has gone through many updates, which add new features, change, or remove old ones. This page is a list of the changes and the features in each version of Eden - World Builder. According to Ari Ronnen, the next update, Version 2.0, will be the best one yet. '

Version Changes

Version Changes
  • Five creatures to play with and put in your creations.
  • In addition to being adorable they are game objects, they interact with all the special blocks (like ice slides/water/etc.) and tools.
  • Lots of new sound effects and music.
  • Various minor bug fixes and tweaks, partially listed below:
    • TNT now launches you away from explosions
    • Fixed freeze downloading maps for partially connected or weak internet connections
    • Fixed some rendering glitches and rare crashes.
    • Glass texture changed
    • Changed how water current works slightly
  • New option: Toggle creatures on and off in the Settings Menu.
  • Retina support and graphics update
  • Flowing liquids (this has proved annoying)
    • Easy to build with and remove so you don't permanently flood your world
  • Better explosions and improved fire
  • Much faster loading
  • Various interface improvements
    • Build Icon shows current block, you can now paint the current block and then build with that block
    • Ice slides will automatically adjust camera when you turn
    • Autojumps when moving forward, autojumps when placing a block under you (this can be turned off)
  • New option: Toggle autojump when moving forward
  • New option: Graphics quality toggle: Fast/Best
    • Currently just disables in-game retina on fast, has no effect on non-retina devices but will in future updates.
  • Removed option: Invert Camera. It doesn't make sense with touch/swipe controls
  • Removed option: Caves. Due to rendering engine limitations they have a high performance cost.
    • To play a world with caves you can download an old one from the shared worlds.
  • Adjusted lighting on angled walls and clouds
  • New title music
  • Translated app description to 9 languages. Full app localization planned.
  • Added choice between flat and normal terrain generation for new worlds
  • Added choice to set a new 'home' location
  • Made auto-view distance reduction less aggressive
  • Fixed bug where music wouldn't play when turned back on in options
  • Fixed memory leak with screenshots
  • Fixed memory leak in shared menu
  • Eden is now a universal app(works on iPod touches, iPads, and iPhones)
  • HD graphics designed for the iPad
  • New painting mechanic, color any block with a touch
  • New blocks:
    • Water, has animated texture and you can swim in it
    • Lava, has animated texture and gives you a little bounce

Note: Lava and water are regular blocks and don't flow (yet).

    • Trampoline, gives a real bounce
    • Translucent glass
    • Fence you can see through
    • Ice, slippery block with very little friction
    • Ramps(ice,wood,stone,shingles), you can walk up and down them without jumping
    • Angled walls(ice,wood,stone,shingles)
    • Ladders and Vines, blocks you can climb on
    • Cloud, normal block
    • Gradient normal block
  • Use the ice blocks, ramps and angled walls together to make ICE SLIDES!
  • Shadows
  • Clouds
  • Searching by name for shared worlds
  • Preview screenshots for shared worlds
  • Cloud hosting for maps for faster downloads
  • Caves are now an option(off by default)
  • Completely flat/empty world available for download
  • Touching the pickaxe or the burn icon when already in that mode changes to a 'nothing' mode (useful if you accidentally (build or burn stuff)
  • Automatic view distance reduction for complex scenes
  • For best performance start a new world without caves or for the very best performance use Super Flatland
  • Major rendering engine improvements
  • Collision system reworked to support non-cube things like ramps
  • Added a gradient to the sky
  • A couple of menu animations
  • Various bug fixes
  • New sounds and art

Known issues:

  • Translucencies and water/lava don't always render perfectly
  • No way to build a painted block with one touch *Fixed 1.6*
  • Cloth/Wool block removed for space reasons
  • Water current needs fine-tuning


Joystick added, graphics polished, bug fixes.


First release: Had basic block building, destroying, tnt block, fire tool, dpad for movement and shared worlds.
Old school!

The block menu in the first release.

Future Updates

File:Eden doors and sky.jpg
On the official Eden Facebook page, the developers announced that the next highly anticipated update, update 1.8, which the developers have now dubbed it "update 2.0," is supposedly set to arrive on June 1st. They said that it should have "big engine improvements (no more in-game loading and graphics improvements), Fireworks, portals, steel block, half-size blocks, double-size blocks, completely redone world-gen, paint bombs, colored lighting, treasure collecting and more polish, sound and music, and hopefully some new creatures...," and "...doors. lots and lots of doors." but noted that some of the "more ambitious features," such as the no in-game loading and block size variation were thought to not be in the update due to the difficuty of making them, but noted that they are all going to make it into the new update. Doors automatically open when you get close to them. It has also been confirmed that you can color the sky in the new update. On April 30, it was confirmed that there will be some sort of "adventure" aspects of Eden where there will be rare collectables, Shiny Cubes that you get 10 of on empty worlds, and you have to find them on the normal worlds. This is to encourage exploring and maps with a type of goal set to them. It is also possible that there will be agressive creatures and a health bar that you can toggle off and on. It is unknown if aggressive creatures or the adventure aspects can be toggled off. It is also unknown whether or not Adventure will be a new mode and Flat and Normal will be modes, too. Half Blocks were also confirmed and will be released on June 1. There will also be a completely redone World generator, which could possibly include naturally flowing lava and water. Newly confirmed blocks are Small blocks, which if you stack 4 together in three dimentions, it will equal one normal block, and a Large Blocks (2x2x2), which are the size of 8 normal blocks. You press a button in the block menu to toggle the size of the block you're placing. The save/exit/camera tools will now have their own menu aside from the blocks screen. Portals have also been announced for better traveling, though not much is known about them. Many people have also hinted at new creatures, though this isn't officially confirmed. On May 17th, the date for the release was pushed back to June 29 due to lack of time to add in all the features. On May 26, fireworks were confirmed by Ari and will work similarly to TNT. They will come in a crate-like block that you light fire to and they shoot up into the sky (possibly at the height limit) and explode into different colors.


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