Update 2.0 (formerly named update 1.8) is an upcoming update planned for Eden that is planned to be released this October.

New Features

  • New blocks including steel, light blocks, portals, paintbombs, doors, fireworks, and new block sizes (Large, small, and half (the original size is included as well).
  • A new aggressive creature named Charger (possibly another creature as well).
  • The ability to paint the sky any color (If the color is avaiable in the Paint Selector).
  • Improved terrain generator..
  • Less loading and better distance rendering.
  • Treasure crystals spread out through each world for the user to collect. There will be one hundred in total.
  • Support for the iPhone 5's 4-inch screen.
  • iOS 6 support.


  • The update was going to be released in June, but it was then pushed back to July, and again to August. AND now to September. AND now to October. This is due to Ari being the singular developer and having a lot to do for the new update.
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