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Eden World Builder Update 2
Update 2.0

Paint Bombs
Treasure Crystals

Release Date

February 16, 2015

Update 2.0 (formely named Update 1.8) is a major update for Eden World Builder. It includes many new features that are listed below. This is currently the games biggest update and Kingly Games have been hard at work on it, however it is unknown when exactly it will be released since it was delayed several times.

New Features



The Steel Block has the special ability to be invulnerable to TNT blasts.

Light Blocks

Light Blocks have the special ability to glow.


Portals allow the player to transport themselves much faster by simply color organizing the portals to their specifications.

Paint Bombs

Paint Bombs are painted TNT that have the special ability to explode colors on surrounding blocks.


Doors are two blocks tall and automatically open as the player approaches, stopping Creatures from entering the player's structures


Fireworks, when lit, fly up and explode.


  • Three new block sizes. "Small" (x1/8) blocks(may not coming with this update to speed up progress), "Half"" (half of a regular block)blocks,and "Huge" (x8) blocks.
  • A redesigned user interface, including a rearranged "inventory".
  • Two new creatures: Charger and Stalker. Charger is aggressive.
  • The ability to paint the sky any color found in the Paint Selector.
  • Improved terrain generator. It is confirmed that lakes of water and snow-capped mountains will appear. Caves have been hinted to come back, and there will also most likely be a biome with a volcano and a tropical biome. There have been hints at ice slides as well.
  • Less loading and better distance rendering (engine optimization).
  • Treasure crystals spread out through each adventure world for the user to collect. There will be 10 different colored crystals in total. Players can also place them themselves in their own worlds. They are found in dungeons.
  • Support for the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th Generation), and iOS 6 (possibly iOS 7).
  • Ari said that the update will support all the devices that were supported in the 1.7 update.
  • Redone fire animation for the third time.
  • Flowers are now not a block, but they pop out of the ground.
  • Paint bombs - paint TNT and light it on fire, it will paint the area of the blast radius.
  • Modern FPS-style damage system and death - respawn at "home" position. Optional.
  • The height limit may be raised, though Ari stated that he was just having a hard time adjusting the Terrain Generator with the low height limit.
  • A new adventure mode/world. They are only beginning the Adventure feature, and are going to add the rest in a later update. 



  • Ari had stated that there were some problems with the half blocks, so the update does not includes half (small) blocks.
  • The update was going to be released in June, but it was then pushed back to July, and again to August, and then to Holiday 2012. They missed this deadline, and on New Years, Ari posted on Facebook that the update would come soon. This is due to Ari being the sole developer (besides Steve being the art designer) and having a lot to do for the new update.
  • This is currently the longest time gap between any updates, having spanned over 3 years and 1 month.
  • Concerning the height limit to build, Ari had this to say: "Noah it's definitely not a hint lol, I'm trying to make mountains but I can't make them really big and cool because of height limit. I wanted them to be like real mountains where the terrain/climate changes as you go higher up but there's no room." It was a response to a comment, though this statement is merely speculation as to whether or not the height limit will be increased.
  • There was a long hiatus between 2013 New Years day and May, Ari explained it was due to some technical issues and has been at a standstill, Ari's facebook page went into hiatus again in July. The latest post was made in March 17 2014. 
  • Ari is currently looking for a  programmer with advanced C/C++  knowledge and familarity with 3D games and iOS games.

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