Just my obligatory once-in-a-year check up on the state of the wiki.

I'm rather surprised. There actually have been quite a few edits to the wiki. but alas, the number of edits within a month now is a far cry of what it was three to four years ago.

I seriously miss this wiki.

but all good things have to come to an end.

And it would do no good of me to nostalgically reminisce on bygone days that will never be again.

After all, for every one good thing that ends, another two new good things begin. 

So if anyone happens to come across this wiki, see the ghost town that it is and come across this blog from the ancient year of 2017, I tell you this: savour what you have now. Bask in your glory days. Take in everything  you have now with bliss. After all, nothing lasts forever.

this wiki is a testament to that.

so tally-ho, I won't be back until the far-off year of 2018.


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