HEY - the blog itself is screwed up. please click on the rainbowunicornsnipers block chart thingy with the link. this is a simple block chart to help you guys who just started (even though im sure you can get used to it by your own) I am also considering adding this to the block category page

thanks! rainbowunicornsniper.


materials pre-ice block update

Dirt none
Flower dirt none
stone none
dark stone none
dirt none
sand none
TNT explodes
Wood plank burnable
Grey bricks (rusted) none
window see through
tile none
tree trunk burnable
leaves burnable
bricks none
grey bricks none
vines climbable
ladder climbable
ice accelerates movement, auto matically goes non stop
crystal none
trampoline shoots avatar in opposite direction of touch at an equal velocity
cloud none
stone triangle none
wooden plank triangle none
ice triangle
rusted grey brick triangle none
trellis/fence see through
water liquid, spreads, elavates avatar to the highest spot of water
lava solid, spreads, simmilar to trampoline, however, its velocity slowly decreases
Photo 2

blocks - post ice block update

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