I've been creating a new world for weeks now, but have kept it secret. I know that there is a certain genre of world called "parkour" in minecraft (and in eden too) so ive been compiling all my ideas of hellish puzzles into my new map puzzle towers. sporting what will be 25 levels when it is finished, ive made some of the craziest ideas. the world is in alpha, but i will let you guys test it, so the current code to get lv 1-8 is ptv1atWT

Lv1: The Ice Gym: Remember that ice gym in pokemon where you had to slide around until you faced the boss? Well, its in eden, too!

Lv2: Classic Maze: A rather simplistic maze, but colored very strangely to hide the water that will takeyou to Lv3

Lv3: Jumping Hell: Possibly one of the hardest challenges. The name states it all.

Lv4: Escape from paradise: The easiest to solve if you CAN solve it. YES YOU CAN ESCAPE - CLUE:you can do this without destroying anything, and remember, the sun hides much in its light.

Lv5: 3-d maze: If hell had several floors to it, this would be Hell. My personal favorte, as the whole thing is very unpredictable.

Lv6: The Leap of faith: One Jump. A LOT EASIER SAID THAN DONE...

Lv7: The rigged rink: takes BOSS skills to beat... the best way to put this into words is well, Being trapped in a Bounce room that has ice to ensure you never Escape.

Lv8: The LAdy or The Tiger: Two doors. One Way. Colored to drive you insane - which door is right? If you mess up, you'll be in paradise. You know what i mean.

Lv9: Jumping ninja skillz - utilizes the double jump feature... thats all I will say.

Lv10: The Black box - A completely black room, with to white exits. Just have to get across..

Lv11: Your Average Temple Run Knock Off: Using ice and otherstuff, i will make TEMPLE RUN!!!

Lv12+ will be coming soon, and i will be posting pics also.

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