So Ari (Developer) has been updating the Facebook page to coincide with the long awaited 2.0.

So to boost up morale around here, get some edits, redo some aesthetic stuff, I will be working for a while on the wiki to get it up to speed.

For the moment, I will also post the Facebook updates in images on this blog post.

Update #1 (July 20)

2.0 FB Update 1

Ari changed the cover photo with updated graphics.

Update #2 (July 20)

2.0 FB Update 2

Ari updates the Games website with a forum.

Update #3 (July 21)

2.0 FB Update 3

Ari said that they are thinking of cutting Half Blocks to send out the update as soon as possible.

Update #4 (July 24)

2.0 FB Update 4


Update #5

Check out "riverbeta" in the shared worlds to play on a sampling of the new terrain gen.

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