I don't think any of the old "Staff" on this wiki are gonna be reading this anytime soon, if ever, but I just felt a pinch of nostalgia while I was online and remembered a little Wiki about a world building game I used to love playing. It bums me out knowing I put as much time and enthusiasm as I had into this old project that I've now abandoned, but like the other "Admins" that I used to work with on here, life happened and we just moved on.

I got into this game when I was in middle school, going into high school. Now I'm a few years into college. Working on this was back then was a ton of fun (for me), and I kind of miss it. I'm not surprised there's little to no activity these days, though it makes me a little down knowing all the work we did seems to have led to a dead end. It'd be nice if one day the developer went back to it and updated it, or if the old community would come back one more time and breathe some life into this again. I know it won't happen, its just sad to see the state of this once flourishing project. If any of the original editors/fans read this, best of luck in the future. Thanks guys. It was fun.

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