I have been working on a few special rendering modes for my Eden mapping software. The example shown here shows everything in grayscale, plus color(s) where there is a tunnel, cave, overhang, or anything inside a building (with a ceiling or roof).


The top is a normal map, the bottom is color-coded to show where the buildings and tunnels are. The colors are: red for deep, green for medium, and blue for close to the surface (plus buildings above the surface). The image is a part of "Six Flags Eden World BuilderV4" dated 03/30/2013.

Here are full maps of that world:

Six Flags Eden World BuilderV4-20130330-1364675957

Normal map of "Six Flags Eden World BuilderV4" dated 03/30/2013

Six Flags EWBV4-tunnels

Xray map with buildings and tunnels color-coded by height or depth

(By the way, this is a fun world and the coasters are pretty big. The only bigger ones I've seen are in "Olympic Metropolis Port Angkor")

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