User:Djasiantech is still in charge of Mega_City_Tokyo_(Extended), but I liked it so much I wanted to add my own ideas and improvements.


Map of Ataru.65196197 (an older version, see below for names of latest versions)

Here is a list of the Tokyos I have published so far. To combat "griefing" (vandalism) and "spamming" of multiple copies of the world with the same name, I give it a unique name every time I upload (share) my world, and I wait a couple days before announcing the name here, so that the date serves as proof that the world is authentic.

If you want to load one of my worlds, do not trust it unless the date matches the date shown here. Otherwise it might be a "griefed" (vandalized) copy.

name of world date uploaded notes
Sousuke'39371562 03/24/2013

Diagonal rail tracks in a couple places (to show to wikia community)

Tsukune'93794598 03/25/2013

Many changes, small and large (I didn't make a list)

Yasutora'01847914 03/27/2013

Working transit link between old and new Tokyo. Main loop in Tokyo Tower district, and both sides of the bridge, now have two lanes each, "local" and "express loop". When in the express lane it loops forever. Both work in both directions, and changing lanes is easy. All of transit is color-coded to help find your way around. New subway stops with elevators in a couple places, and a spur for the imperial castle.

Lelouch'06813630 03/29/2013

Transit link between early and middle Djasiantech districts; improved mirror effect room; transit authority building; big spiral cleaned up.

Moroboshi'42567468'05 03/30/2013

Replicated a few of DJasiantedh's recent improvements, notably transit link between Korean and Totoro plazas. Set up demolition for Fighting Street, but not yet lit the fuse.

Legato'42329672'06 04/01/2013

District 6 loop is now an express loop; added local stop exits in a few places; Korean plaza has more visibility and its station connects with the natural land inside the loop.

Yahiko'64283291'07 04/03/2013

Toned down color on most subways; built Cuboctahedron building; finished renovation of pyramid transfer slide.

Ataru'65196197'08 04/06/2013

Begin shopping mall under Cuboctahedron building; a few subway entrances in old city

Gohan'39813554'09 04/10/2013

Rebuilt suspension bridge cables; simplify transit markings; add exits for Rainbow Bridge transfer; experiments with portals (falling through bedrock) in glitch chunk; Pylons in Shinto shrine and corridor to hillside-city.

Soujirou'30742983'10 04/14/2013

Add (most of) a transit loop through the area north of Totoro, including Fighting Street; work out a way to make a "grands tour" of the transit loops. Continue simplified markings.

Kenshiro'47256800'11 04/18/2013

Ice-slides to "Small Dance Floor" and "wooden hut1" spawn points; more subway stations in original city; add inside floors to spiral transit tower; Creeper link is now two-way and "automatic".

Ichigo'53864970'12 04/20/2013

Nuclear power plant; re-color the two transit systems in the old city.

Orochimaru'27441822'13 04/23/2013

Add rail link, perimeter fence and security/screening for nuclear plant; local-express upgrade for the circumferential ice-slide link; penthouse atop Totoro building (Russia embassy).

Toushirou'66093884'14 04/27/2013

Greatly enlarge the "grass and sky" biome to become a future site of the Totoro house (Mei's house). Hollow out everything around the neighboring Hell biome and the Stumpzilla/Shimizu slide to help visualize how the Totoro experience will be laid out. Begin some of the transit links at bedrock level (beginning of Totoro Centre station).

(The names are Anime and Manga characters, transliterated from the original Japanese into Romaji. I don't know any of them but I try to check Google first to make sure it's not something offensive)

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