Here's a trailer I made of my world Takeshi'74178784'22, which is a heavily modified version of Djasiantech's Mega_City_Tokyo_(Extended).

Tour of Mega City Tokyo - Extended

Tour of Mega City Tokyo - Extended

The "Mega City Tokyo Extended" you'll find on the popular list does not have these ice-slides. Some of them are there, but are blocked in many places to make normal travel difficult.

To make this grand tour possible, I added ice-slides where needed and modified the existing ones to make things loop around. It goes through most of Djasiantech's districts twice (once in each direction).

The far rendering was accomplished by shooting the entire video in reverse, and loading delays were removed. In detail:

  • Set up the ice-slides so you can do the entire trip without touching the controls.
  • Go to the beginning of the ice-slide and turn around so you are facing backwards.
  • Start recording the video (I used VGA output to a hardware converter)
  • Put Eden in "camera" mode, and start your ice-slide (by walking backwards until you start sliding).
  • Make sure the camera angle is centered, then do not touch the controls until it is done.
  • In the video editor program, reverse the clip so it plays backwards.
  • The video will look like you are moving forwards, and you'll see all the scenery and terrain far into the distance!
  • In your video editor, edit out any pauses (caused by the game "Loading..." delays)

If you want to see this world yourself, load Takeshi'74178784'22

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