Mega_City_Tokyo_(Extended) is my favorite world, and I've been studying it a lot. Recently, I began making maps.

I found several old versions of Mega City Tokyo, and have been able to reconstruct much of its history.

SUPER city

The oldest surviving version of what we now call "Mega City Tokyo" was called SUPER city, and was uploaded on October 17, 2011.

"SUPER city", viewed from the spawn point

Original Spawn Point

When you make a brand-new world, Eden always puts you in the "northwest" corner of chunk (4096,4096). Because of this, it is possible to locate the original spawn point of any world. It's under a building now, seen in this photo:


The original spawn point is under the stone/dark stone building. In most versions of Mega City Tokyo, if you go under that building you'll find most of the original grass and dirt is still there:

The original spot at which the creator of "SUPER city" first spawned remains largely unchanged just below the buildings.

There is a sand-colored building nearly (top-right of the photo above). Inside it is the word "Unko" made from dirt:


Unko (うんこ) means "shit" in Japanese. This may be some odd signature of the creator, or possibly a reference to the 2011 film "Tokyo Unko".

"MEGA CITY" versions

I found good (not griefed or vandalized) versions of MEGA CITY TOKYO with the following dates and names (all shown below as maps):

  1. MEGA CITY TOKYO V13 (dated 03/14/2012)
  2. MEGA CITY TOKYO V14 (dated 03/27/2012)
  3. MEGA CITY TOKYO V15 (dated 07/06/2012)
  4. MEGA CITY TOKYO V16 (dated 09/21/2012)

The V14 version is notable because it is the version Djasiantech used as the basis of the world described on the page Mega_City_Tokyo_(Extended).

Djasiantech Versions

The oldest published Djasiantech version is called "Small Dance Floor", with the date 11/06/2012. Here is its loading screen:

Loading screen for "Small Dance Floor"

In this version, the famous Tokyo Tower has been built, but its district has not reached its present form. The Rainbow Bridge does not exist, nor anything beyond it.

Djasiantech shared "Mega City Tokyo EXTENDED V1" on 11/27/2012, and the curiously-named "wooden hut1" on 12/12/2012.

Loading screen for "wooden hut1"

This world has many interesting things including an empty blue pyramid, Totoro but no Stumpzilla, and empty spaces where Korean plaza will be. One can see that much of Djasiantech's Tokyo was built to fit the existing terrain.

In all, I have found six major revisions by Djasiantech:

  1. "Small Dance Floor" (dated 11/06/2012)
  2. Mega City Tokyo EXTENDED V1 (dated 11/27/2012)
  3. "wooden hut1" (dated 12/12/2012)
  4. MEGA CITY TOKYO EXTENDED V2 (dated 01/08/2013)
  5. MEGA CITY TOKYO EXTENDED V3 (dated 01/31/2013)
  6. MEGA CITY TOKYO EXTENDED V4 (dated 03/27/2013)


Here are maps of all the major versions, arranged in chronological order:

Change Maps

In these special maps, the buildings, grass and trees are drawn in black and white, with color added to show where blocks are added, removed, and/or changed, using the following color codes:

Color codes in my maps that show changes between two worlds

In the gallery, each version of Mega City Tokyo is compared to the version it was derived from.

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