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    Here's a trailer I made of my world Takeshi'74178784'22, which is a heavily modified version of Djasiantech's Mega_City_Tokyo_(Extended).

    The "Mega City Tokyo Extended" you'll find on the popular list does not have these ice-slides. Some of them are there, but are blocked in many places to make normal travel difficult.

    To make this grand tour possible, I added ice-slides where needed and modified the existing ones to make things loop around. It goes through most of Djasiantech's districts twice (once in each direction).

    The far rendering was accomplished by shooting the entire video in reverse, and loading delays were removed. In detail:

    • Set up the ice-slides so you can do the entire trip without touching the controls.
    • Go to the beginning of th…

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  • Mrob27

    Customized Terrain

    May 29, 2013 by Mrob27

    I have analyzed the Eden World Builder file format (see User_blog:Mrob27/Eden_World_Builder_v._1.7_Data_Format) well enough that I know how to modify Eden world files. Read that article for more information about my mapping program.

    Today I tested some simple terrain modifications.

    Here I have transformed a 64x64 patch of water, grass, trees and rock to look like it snowed. The algorithm for this transformation scans vertically starting at the top, looking for the topmost block to see what it is. Clouds and Leaves don't count, but leaves are made white if they're on the top. When it finds Grass, Weeds, or Stone it turns half of it into Ice and the other half into white Dirt or Sand or Cloud. The top of Water is made into ice except if the w…

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    Blog is empty

    May 10, 2013 by Mrob27

    At the present time (2013 May 10, 21:00 UTC) my blog listing at User_blog:Mrob27 is blank, however the individual articles seem to still work:

    1. User blog:Mrob27/Eden World Builder v. 1.7 Data Format
    2. User blog:Mrob27/Little Tokyo Changes
    3. User blog:Mrob27/History of Mega City Tokyo
    4. User blog:Mrob27/Linking old and new Tokyos
    5. User blog:Mrob27/Local and Express Transit Systems
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    Xray Maps

    May 3, 2013 by Mrob27

    I have been working on a few special rendering modes for my Eden mapping software. The example shown here shows everything in grayscale, plus color(s) where there is a tunnel, cave, overhang, or anything inside a building (with a ceiling or roof).

    The top is a normal map, the bottom is color-coded to show where the buildings and tunnels are. The colors are: red for deep, green for medium, and blue for close to the surface (plus buildings above the surface). The image is a part of "Six Flags Eden World BuilderV4" dated 03/30/2013.

    Here are full maps of that world:

    Normal map of "Six Flags Eden World BuilderV4" dated 03/30/2013

    Xray map with buildings and tunnels color-coded by height or depth

    (By the way, this is a fun world and the coasters are…

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  • Mrob27

    Mega_City_Tokyo_(Extended) is my favorite world, and I've been studying it a lot. Recently, I began making maps.

    I found several old versions of Mega City Tokyo, and have been able to reconstruct much of its history.

    The oldest surviving version of what we now call "Mega City Tokyo" was called SUPER city, and was uploaded on October 17, 2011.

    "SUPER city", viewed from the spawn point

    When you make a brand-new world, Eden always puts you in the "northwest" corner of chunk (4096,4096). Because of this, it is possible to locate the original spawn point of any world. It's under a building now, seen in this photo:

    The original spawn point is under the stone/dark stone building. In most versions of Mega City Tokyo, if you go under that building you'l…

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