So for the past day I've been playing Eden and exploring Hidden Galaxy v2. I've been obsessed with discovering the observatory thinking it had to do with the location of the hidden galaxy. So I used a bunch of glitches to get me there. I was thinking how weird that the mountain was so semetrical. It was shaped like a rectangle in places. I was thinking that since an observatory studied the stars that a hint may be there to find the hidden galaxy too. I enter and the first thing I notice is that the inside is like stars. I look down and there it is... The hidden galaxy. This guy was so smart to put the observatories floor glass and the rest like the inside of the hidden galaxy. He then diguised the outside like an observatory. The Hidden galaxy is, and I'm 90% positive on this, north of the main area. Not very far. When you run into white sand, not tan or any other color, and crystals your close. Then look for the obsevatory on top of the mountain and then enter it. Or simply look for the trail and follow it. OMG! Can't believe what I discovered!

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