Falcon2134 Falcon2134 19 May 2012

New world

So lately me and X145 have been building a lot. I started my own little personal world for me. I named it Midevil europe. More on it will be posted soon. Check it out if you have the time.

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Falcon2134 Falcon2134 30 April 2012

OMG!!! I can't believe what I discovered!

So for the past day I've been playing Eden and exploring Hidden Galaxy v2. I've been obsessed with discovering the observatory thinking it had to do with the location of the hidden galaxy. So I used a bunch of glitches to get me there. I was thinking how weird that the mountain was so semetrical. It was shaped like a rectangle in places. I was thinking that since an observatory studied the stars that a hint may be there to find the hidden galaxy too. I enter and the first thing I notice is that the inside is like stars. I look down and there it is... The hidden galaxy. This guy was so smart to put the observatories floor glass and the rest like the inside of the hidden galaxy. He then diguised the outside like an observatory. The Hidden ga…

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Falcon2134 Falcon2134 30 April 2012

Enemy sub spotted!

Alright so today I was sitting around doing nothing. So I turned the tv on and was watching the Miltary Channel. They had a show on u-505 a German U boat captured during the war off the coast of Africa. So then it hit me. Why don't I build a sub on eden? So I run up to my room and start building. My fist attempt wasn't that bad but it wasn't great either. So then I start to build another. But this time I widen the ditch I fill wil TNT from 2blocks wide to 5 blocks wide. I start building and after about an hour or so I finish. Yes! It was perfect. So I just posted it. If you want to see it go to Eden and type in WW2 German sub and nuke sub.

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Falcon2134 Falcon2134 29 April 2012

New Creation

So I've been doing a lot of experimenting lately. And I came up with the idea of building a bunker... This will be the coolest bunker ever! It won't be a building double thick with bricks, stone, wood etc. It will be the biggest ever! I don't know what to call it yet. When it's eventually uploaded be prepared for regular updates. I'm thinking of calling it "Mega Bunker" know that I think about it. Would love reponses and ideas from you guys too. When it's done I'll upload some photos to see what you guys think. ¡Chao!

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Falcon2134 Falcon2134 28 April 2012

Falcon2134: Hey everyone!

Hey people! I'm Falcon2134. I just joined today. My friend X145 told me about this website and I think it's cool. I'm a big Eden fan. I'm the one who created Mazes of tunnels... I just named it that cause I was always getting lost and would go in circles for hours. P.S. That was my fist attempt to build anything in the game. But I love to play trumpet, play football and run track. Unlike X145 who's great at guitar I'm absolutely horrible at it. Me and X145 have been good friends for awhile. When I first met Hume we would torture each other on the bus. And uhhh... Thats all I really have to say so... Bye! ¡Chao! Hasta luego and good bye, again.

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