Here is the facts:


Talonmerc- Innactive, came back for a day

Cin316- Innactive, came back for around 3 days

Rainbowunicornsniper (RUS)- Semi- Active, Comes and Goes

Oscar1444- Active

Timeman007- Active


Dblcut3- Active

David Nolte- Active

Trolling The World (TTW)- Innactive, got on one day and ragequit


Ashley Bricco- Innactive

Chat Moderators:

Sillyputty- Active

JonEden- Innactive, never on

Bnm786- Semi- Active after fights

X-145- Innactive, resigned from admin

The Solution

All innacvtive staff members need to be replaced. Heres What I have:

Ashley Bricco- Demoted to normal user

Sillyputty- Promoted to Admin or rollback

DJ Asian Tech- Moves to Chat Moderator

JonEden- Demoted to normal user

TTW- Demoted to Rollback

Cin316- Demoted to admin

David Nolte or Dblcut3- Promoted to Buerocrat

AJ- Promoted to Chat Moderator

Blockmaster1- Promoted to Rollback

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