RUS's Video

Okay, after watching RUS's review of Hardcore Parkour I believe it is a bit too hard. Due to that I now have a Softcore counterpart of each level you can find by following the sign for it behind level 1. Though I will keep the rest the same but will try to make somethings better looking.

Make Your Own Level

If you are a VIP you may make a level. No one has made one yet. Comment below if you are VIP and what date works for you to make it, then I will set it up for you to build in the Fan Levels section.

TUFADE Revived V2

I am currently working on a big Parkour project in MegaMCAlly's world TUFADE Revived. It will feature up to ten levels made by me and you can expect the release of it on April 15 on my monthly world update day.

Sprint Jump Section

After watching Bnm786's youtube video on a Sprint Jump map I thought it would be cool to add to my world. It will be blocks in a straight line. You may not stop at any time unless you enter a checkpoint.

Version 6.1 (April Update)

On the 15th of April a new update will come as a small add-on to Version 6. It will feature part 1 of the sprint jump map. The reason it will not be big is due to other projects like the MCPE Wiki and TUFADE Revived. 

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