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Eden Update 2.0 Still Coming and Official 2.0 Trailer

Ari has actually commented to one of the famous "when is the update coming" comments and said that he is long overdue on the update but it is due to him having trouble coding. He also said Steve will be working on an official trailer for 2.0. It so far is not realeased.

The Wiki's New Members!

Its been so long since I made a newsletter so I'll just list this week's new members, and some major new contributers.

  • Nikotzin
  • XrayLaser123 (Been here a while, never announced)
  • EdenFan1009
  • TheChromePerson
  • TheSixFlagsOfEden
  • Mrob27 (Been here for a while, never announced)

World Of The Week: Elysian City

AJ has just created his new popular list like world, Elysian City. It is a utopic themed city that has not been realeased yet. So far it includes a few skyscrapers and a mall. The city has a similar story to the story of the city Utopia as the people are from Earth and settled in Utopia. The people there that were wealthy created their own city, Elysian City. The other half of the city will be more cyberpunked themed. 

Eden Wiki City 

Eden Wiki City is for ELITE BUILDERS ONLY. You must be accepted into it. It is like the collaberative world but more set up in a city way and you may build as much as you want. For more info visit the blog page for it.

New Homepage

Yesterday our buerocrat Oscar1444 redisigned homepage to make it look alot nicer. Go check it out, he spent alot of time in it!


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Staff Openings

Oscar recently announced that we will have staff openings. Feel like you're good enough to be staff? Then go apply!

Well that's all for now! 

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