Hardcore Parkour- VIP Membership and Softcore Section

My world, Hardcore Parkour is now getting the ability to become a VIP. If you are a VIP you may do many cool things. So far I have only thought of one thing which is the ability to make your own level. Also, for the people who think this is too hard, I am making an easier version of each level. The softcore levels wont be too easy or too hard. Fo more info contact me.

Talonmerc and RUS

Last week our founder who made only 4 edits came on to see how the wiki is going. He was very impressed but stated that he will not be fully active. Our awesome buero RUS also returned last week. It now seems as if they are both gone though at this point.

World Of The Week- Welcome To Russia

DJ Asian Tech recently discovered this awesome world. The creator is unknown. It features some of Eden's best skyscrapers. The world is on a giant bedrock plain which allows for taller structures. The world is covered with snowy hills and is surrounded by a giant fence. This world is truly great.


This week, one of Eden's elite builders joined the wiki. He is the creator of the awesome futuristic world, Metropolis. 

Block Universe Wiki

Me and Bnm recently created a new wiki called Block Universe. The point is to bring all the block building game wikis into one community. Help us get some of the things in eden on there please! 

Exploration- New Minecraft Clone

A new awesome game, Exploration recently came out. It is easy to control and it has an awesome terrain generator. It also features 7 PAGES of blocks to choose from. It is one of the better Minecraft Clones in the App Store. The game is only $2.99 so go ahead and check it out!

Hunington Woods

I made a new world which will be a remake of my new neighborhood, Hunington Woods. The world currently features my condo building only. It will grow larger soon. It is one of the best worlds I've ever built.


Please follow me on instagram for updates on my worlds. My name is @dblcut3gaming.

"The Fight" 2.0

Sorry again for the stuggles we've been having. They luckily ended by now. The wiki is at peace again.

Staff Tweaks 

During "The FIght 2.0" Bnm786 unfortunatly got demoted to Chat Moderator. This week X-145 (Eric) stated that he will resign from his adminship. He said he just isn't here enough to have that duty. 

New Members

We have several new members this week:

  • Supershadow32
  • Adam9812
  • Tzekoo
  • DeSouaLime
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