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  • Dblcut3

    Ari has actually commented to one of the famous "when is the update coming" comments and said that he is long overdue on the update but it is due to him having trouble coding. He also said Steve will be working on an official trailer for 2.0. It so far is not realeased.

    Its been so long since I made a newsletter so I'll just list this week's new members, and some major new contributers.

    • Nikotzin
    • XrayLaser123 (Been here a while, never announced)
    • EdenFan1009
    • TheChromePerson
    • TheSixFlagsOfEden
    • Mrob27 (Been here for a while, never announced)

    AJ has just created his new popular list like world, Elysian City. It is a utopic themed city that has not been realeased yet. So far it includes a few skyscrapers and a mall. The city has a similar story to the st…

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  • Dblcut3

    Hi guys! I am looking currently building alot of modern elitish things and I thought that I could turn it into a Collaberative city for the whole wiki. If it gets good enough it may even be put on the popular list!

    • It must be realistic
    • Must be big city or suburban related
    • Must be a Elite looking building
    • Must have good building expirience
    • Must build in given space

    To sign up let me know these things:

    • A good date to build (NOTE: You may not get that perfered date)
    • The best world you've built
    • The buildings you want to build (NOTE: You can build as much as you want)

    You may then build only if Dblcut3 tells you that you can.

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  • Dblcut3


    April 18, 2013 by Dblcut3

    Follow us on Instagram @edenworldbuilderwiki if you want to know password to edit make an account on instagram or kik me (username= Dblcut3) and Ill give u the password so you can post on it. SO far its run be me and bnm

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  • Dblcut3

    Harcore Parkour News

    April 4, 2013 by Dblcut3

    Okay, after watching RUS's review of Hardcore Parkour I believe it is a bit too hard. Due to that I now have a Softcore counterpart of each level you can find by following the sign for it behind level 1. Though I will keep the rest the same but will try to make somethings better looking.

    If you are a VIP you may make a level. No one has made one yet. Comment below if you are VIP and what date works for you to make it, then I will set it up for you to build in the Fan Levels section.

    I am currently working on a big Parkour project in MegaMCAlly's world TUFADE Revived. It will feature up to ten levels made by me and you can expect the release of it on April 15 on my monthly world update day.

    After watching Bnm786's youtube video on a Sprint Jum…

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  • Dblcut3


    Its Dbl here and I just wanted to tell you about the awesome MCPE Wiki. I have been doing tons of code and awesome features on it that 95% of wiki's don't have. It so far has 155 pages and is still growing.

    Come check us out and maybe even contribute to our wiki using this link:

    NOTE: Some code is a bit messed up due to proffessional coder, Dak47922 in the process of making the wiki even better.

    • Dblcut3
    • Sillyputty
    • Oscar1444
    • Timeman007
    • Tylong
    • David Nolte
    • Blockmaster1
    • Bnm786
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