Bnm786 Bnm786 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas EWBW!

As you all know, its nearing the day all of us look forward to, CHRISTMAS DAY! Its a lil early, but i am gonna be busy and I'm not sure I will be able to say this another time. MERRY CRISTMAS!

But, I have  a few eden updates to tell about.

We have a new Chat Mod(Will be made rollback when buerocrat comes on.)She is Ashley Bricco

Before I tell about the new update, I need to credit The Hidden Galaxy RPG, which inspired me to create this world.

You might not know but i have a world called Retro, which is currently in RetroD. RetroE will be released before the end of the year. It could be the biggest update of Retro ever. So far the new additions are:

  • Snow Biome
    • The snow biome is a huge snow- biome, but it is more fun than most other biomes because…

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Bnm786 Bnm786 15 October 2012

I Won't Be Here

So, I won't be on the wiki for 4 days, cause I have a camping thing for school. I'm praying the new update will come back. And oh yeah, my mom is calling me to leave now. Make the wiki epic guys.

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Bnm786 Bnm786 6 October 2012

Eden Wiki-we need help

This wiki is slowly failing... No one is online, and we have a heavy spammer. I am trying to set up the wiki even more, and i try to stop the spammer, but we need a rollback/admin, to delete it. Our lack of users, is really hitting us hard, and we arent doing anything to help.

So what do we do?

  • We need to advertise. Any friends or people who play eden, just mention it!
  • We need more rollbacks.

I am also, suggesting myself to take a spot of admin. I am very active, I know lots of code, and ideas for alot of different things to do with this wiki. If you haven't noticed, I am in the process of setting up the forums, which would be a very good place to discuss things.

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Bnm786 Bnm786 27 September 2012

Note to admins:

I have two things I need you to do. First, remove eden central from the home page. The person who made it was mad and took the website down. Second, instead of those forums, can you link thisin the home bar? Or put it somewhere in the bar at the top? Popular Pages, Blocks, Worlds, and can you make a new bar labeled community that says latest blog posts, forums(which links to this, and maybe chat(links to it) This is an example of how I think it should be done: Like that in Community.

Thank you, and me and Brandon would be very happy if you link the wikia forum somehow, as in our forum got shut down.

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Bnm786 Bnm786 15 September 2012

The New Project: Retro

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