Bnm786 Bnm786 2 February 2013

Well, I'm sad.

I'm ashamed after all I have done, you exile me, but its the wikis opinion, and everyone hates me. I've been accused for many things I haven't done, and RUS's blog made it WAY too harsh, and I think many lies are in there but...

I had a really fun time on the wiki and I have helped it alot, I hope you guys continue the wiki well, cause i'm really not going to stay. After everyone has admitted they hate me, I'm not staying on the wiki. I'll keep everything i've done on, I'm not gonna rage quit on you, but some words of advice, To delete chat hax, go to mediawiki:chat.js/load.js and clear it. 

This was fun, but its time to say bye. :(

EDIT: OH god, I'm crying. xD Oh, I forgot, before I demoted myself, I made Dbl buero.

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Bnm786 Bnm786 14 January 2013


Pop list 5. :) Awesome David, and builder 1. Uhh if someone has a facebook can they do something for me? Message me if you have a facebook and can post a world for me on facebook. :)

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Bnm786 Bnm786 12 January 2013

Retro, the page and progress

I sorta hope Update 2.0 doesnt come. :/ Cause I'll have to start over Retro. Many biomes, fun things, a city, illusions, ice caves, rollercoasters, and I don't know what to do. Should I work on Retro still, or wait and just do something else. I am going to redo my page. I'm going crazy please reply in the comments.

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Bnm786 Bnm786 11 January 2013


Guess what. So search: Eden World Builder on google. There is, facebook, us. A crapload of youtube videos but then: ME. My profile. I'm the bawsest guy. :p Hehehe.  And congrats to our wiki we are the best fan site out there. (claps)

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Bnm786 Bnm786 10 January 2013

The Whole Situation

As you all know we had a huge fight the last few days. Today, in chat I figured out this has to end. I came up to timeman and we discussed all that happened to provoke this, which was basically a bad kick on me and dbl. Dbl came on chat, we figured out why each of us were mad at each other, and overall, we completely took the last few days and shoved it in a steel cabinet, locked it up and threw out the key. 

SO basically, we discarded what happened. I am promoted back to admin, along with fellow user DAVID NOLTE. :O He may be new, but we trust him with his admin privileges and are happy to have a NEW wiki member with us!

WOOOOOOO We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together-Fan Letters 00:00, January 10, 2013 (UTC)

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