In April it was the same as other months, didn't get to building. However I see this month as getting back to building detailed creations, after recently checking out detailed worlds in EDEN. Over the course of this month, I will frequently get back to you about my creations. If you haven't already, please take the time to check out pictures of my creations in EDEN under my Moonview Mega Mall world page so you know what I have done so far. 

I will post pictures of the progress of Le Elegance Hotel and Suites in my mall and city, a humongous french themed hotel, Since it is close to the largest mall in EDEN to be and a place for shoppers to stay, which the hotel has subway access to the mall. The hotel is going to include a rec centre, an indoor waterpark, tons of hotel rooms, an elegant restaurant, and a beautiful indoor pavillion. I will start the hotel this weekend.

More office towers are on the way. I have built only four so far, and will start on some more creative towers. This means that I will be expanding the downtown,  which I already have done some.

I will also continue working on my mall, and won't set an exact date for V2, but it will come around before the end of May guarunteed.

Finally, star wars weekend starts tommorow so I may build something special for that. I may build the millenium falcon.

So the coming creations are...

New office towers: PPG Place in Pittsburgh: Proposed by Dblcut3

                      : Royale Building

                      : State Trade Centre 

and much more.

A Grand hotel: Le Elegance

First Sector of the Mall done: The Orion

and a Star Wars creation

And by the way, I'm not French just in case you were wondering.


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