Coming in update 2 of the moonview mega-mall...

An interactive mall game: Monsters on the loose!

The monsters are sure in the mood for shopping.

Here is how it works:

Enter the mall, then search all the stores in the Orion for 10 coloured monsters inside them, one in each of 10 stores. Whenever you find one, trap it with a block and bring it to the cage inside the mall. A suggestion is to find the cage first before you start searching for the creatures. Once you find, trap and bring back all the monsters to the cage you win the game! However the game isn't as easy as you think, as the cage and monsters are hidden very, very well and you need to know the mall inside out to find all of them! Have fun searching and exploring in just a couple of weeks when the game is uploaded with the V2 of the mall.

Any ideas for other interactive games in the mall after this?

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