Over the course of April, I will be building a lot more than usual since I haven't been motivated to build the past month of March. So here is news on what's coming next from Blockmaster1:

Pictures of My Previous Creations: 

Soon I will be posting pictures of my previous creations I have made in another world, which look pretty cool. They include apartment buildings, stores and restaurants. The only thing is that I built the stuff in someone elses world. Is it okay to still post pictures because they are separate from the other person's creations? Anyways I won't upload the world though too, just post pics because of this.

Moonview Mega Mall V2

Over the course of this month, I will be working on the surrounding city( downtown area) of my mall world. Stay tuned for frequent posts of new pics of my city on my mall world page, new pics coming soon tonight!

Also in mid- april I will start to work on the mall again. V2 of the Moonview Mega Mall in my world will be uploaded at the very end of April which will include some of the city and the completed Orion section of the mall. Some mall stores will probably not be finished though. Also the department store attached to the mall is probably going to be a sears, and with the entire completed mall in V10 or so there will be a Wal Mart Supercentre.

A rough map of the mall is coming soon!

Store ideas for my mall are always accepted!

Check out my page for more information on the Moonview Mega Mall World.

[]master (talk) 00:06, April 5, 2013 (UTC)

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