During this month, I have decided to hold a skyscraper competition on EDEN which is open to any eden player including any wiki member or any person who hasn't made an account on here can participate in this competition( wiki contributer). I have for a while now been fascinated almost to the point of obsession sometimes with skycrapers and were the first things I built when I started playing EDEN. The top three best looking skyscrapers of the competition will be posted on the wiki and I will arrange with the wiki admins if possible and okay to have the best skyscrapers posted on people's eden Facebook pages as well such as direct city and other popular worlds. To enter you have to build a skyscraper anywhere from the height of 27 blocks( which is the normal height from the grass up) to the minimum height limit below ground( around 60 blocks) on a normal world. Make sure to contact me on my message wall when you have finished the skyscraper and the name of the world by Saturday, May 4th which the world is going to be posted that night on the wiki and facebook. You don't need to also let me know that you are interested in building, just only contact me when you are finished building, Friday night May 3rd at the latest. Note: Even if you haven't been on this wiki before, you can still contact me on the message wall as a random wiki contributer.

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