Blockmaster1 Blockmaster1 23 July 2013

Advertising Eden Worlds not on the wiki?

There should be a page advertising worlds that aren't on the wiki, because I found some cool ones that aren't on the internet at all, which many people need to see. Is this a good idea for the wiki? I could handle the page and maybe someone else as well, but I have a lot of good worlds that I found in Eden, and could put them under certain categories on the page, updating them each week or so.

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Blockmaster1 Blockmaster1 17 July 2013

Moonview Mega World: New Pics!

Coming soon are new pics... finally. My ipod got took away for may and some of june, and I have been building some other stuff in Eden. Soon I will get back to my moonview world though, probably by the end of this week, and will post some pics of the fantastique hotel, le elegance! It is going to be a humongous french themed hotel with tons of features such as a large swimming pool with slide, a nice restaurant, many detailed hotel rooms, a beautiful indoor pavillion, and so much more! Pics are probably going to be posted Tuesday or around then. I am also going to build a new skyscraper, PPG Place requested by Dblcut3.

Stay tuned!

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Blockmaster1 Blockmaster1 3 May 2013

May: The True Blockmaster 1 Building Boom

In April it was the same as other months, didn't get to building. However I see this month as getting back to building detailed creations, after recently checking out detailed worlds in EDEN. Over the course of this month, I will frequently get back to you about my creations. If you haven't already, please take the time to check out pictures of my creations in EDEN under my Moonview Mega Mall world page so you know what I have done so far. 

I will post pictures of the progress of Le Elegance Hotel and Suites in my mall and city, a humongous french themed hotel, Since it is close to the largest mall in EDEN to be and a place for shoppers to stay, which the hotel has subway access to the mall. The hotel is going to include a rec centre, an in…

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Blockmaster1 Blockmaster1 19 April 2013

Blockmaster 1's Previous Creations

Hey everyone, please check out the creations page under my profile for pictures of my previous creations in Eden. They are city structures such as an apartment building and stores and they look pretty cool.

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Blockmaster1 Blockmaster1 8 April 2013

Blockmaster1's Ultimate Skyscraper Building Competition

During this month, I have decided to hold a skyscraper competition on EDEN which is open to any eden player including any wiki member or any person who hasn't made an account on here can participate in this competition( wiki contributer). I have for a while now been fascinated almost to the point of obsession sometimes with skycrapers and were the first things I built when I started playing EDEN. The top three best looking skyscrapers of the competition will be posted on the wiki and I will arrange with the wiki admins if possible and okay to have the best skyscrapers posted on people's eden Facebook pages as well such as direct city and other popular worlds. To enter you have to build a skyscraper anywhere from the height of 27 blocks( wh…

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