Hey everyone! Now that I found this wiki, I'm going to be somewhat active here as I love Eden.

So my world is called ASHMAZE V7E. It's an obstacle course/maze that I have been working on for months (since early May). It consists of 17 sections and should take multiple hours to complete if you play fair. (My best time is around 50 minutes and I know the course like the back of my hand).

The goal is to reach the black smiley face at the end of the course WITHOUT modifying the world in any way. You are not allowed to use "Warp home" at any point. It is impossible to get stuck somewhere and be unable to progress, all wrong ways loop back around in some fashion. In addition, the goal is also to make the fastest time possible. So try to time yourself and try to beat your old time! Successfully making it through this course will give your brain a workout, so it has some benefits :).

The course will test your Eden jumping skills, reflex, fast thinking, critical thinking/smartness, luck, and more.

Good luck!

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