Right, so I am a longtime user of Eden and I've sortof taken it upon myself to find and then explore the most extensive and well-designed worlds available on Eden. So far I've done an ok job, I think. There are only a couple of worlds out there that are to my name, including Nathaniel's Amazing World," "Thunderbirds Ship Designs," (All of them), "Best Hogwarts by Nathaniel Brusch V4," "Kingdom of Eden V9 Nathaniel Brusch," "Hogwarts By Brendan V10 Nathaniel B," "Thunderbird 5," "Hogwarts Castle New Houses Edit V5," and my latest continual project, "LV Batcave V4 OC Nathaniel Brusch." (LV stands for Luxury Villas). Although the only ones I have actually created are "Thunderbirds Ship Designs," "Best Hogwarts by Nathaniel Brusch V4," and "Thunderbird 5." Basically I look for the best, most awesome batman-themed or just general-themed worlds, explore them, and then put what I liked the most about them into some parts of what I design myself. Hit my message-thing up if you want anything. 

My favorite pages

  • Don't really have that many yet, but...
  • Puerto Marabella
  • Massive Tree by Tasks
  • Thunderbirds Designs
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