I am Robert Munafo, my main website is

I was very active in Mooncraft/Lunacraft since its start, and I single-handedly worked out its entire internal data format so I can make maps (see Lunacraft Internal Data Format ). Some of my more impressive creations in that game are highlighted on my profile page over there: Mrob27 on Lunacraft wiki

I learned about Eden World Builder from my nephew in March 2013, and soon began exploring a few other people's worlds to learn the techniques for creating in this game. I worked out the Eden file format in just a few days, and made a mapping program that I've used to create maps of several of the more popular worlds.


Mega City Tokyo in grayscale, with some major features labeled. (my version, based on Djasiantech's)

My interests seem to be more about nerdy projects rather than actual gameplay (I'll have no interest in the combat elements of version 2.0 when it comes out, and will probably use portals only to make transportation easier.)\

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