aka I <3 Michigan

  • I live in Guess
  • My occupation is Saving the grand city of Detroit from evil critics who have no lives and get their money from pointing out that detroit has slightly more deaths per capita than average. Ooh, scary! Get over yoursel
  • I am A re

U of M symbol. This statue appears in big-10 park in my town world. There's also a glitch that appears with the ice ramp


It's me Michigander1! I live in southeast Michigan near the Detroit area so I am an ultimate all Detroit sports teams fan. I love sports especially baseball and soccer but I am also a huge basketball fan and as I'm writing this the university of Michigan Is in the final 4! Anyway I am still in school so so I may be on and off the wiki and stuff. My eden worlds are developing right now so you can't see my design skillz but I promise that when they're out you will love them. One is a town world that is cool and not that big but very detailed. That won't be out for a while. Another is a variation of a parkour course. It's a bunch of racetracks that were practice for my subway system in my town world. But it's a bunch of racetracks that you have to race across and beat a time I set. That will be done soon. Whelp it seems like I've rumbled on so enjoy everyone!

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