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*[ Eden - Swiss (Facebook)] Current Version: SWISS V 2´9 airport (with a new Apple Store Designed an builded by me). Worls Article :[[Swiss]]
*[ Eden - Swiss (Facebook)] Current Version: SWISS V 2´9 airport (with a new Apple Store Designed an builded by me). Worls Article :[[Swiss]]
*[ Swissfly (Facebook)] Build the best Planes in Eden!!!
*[ Swissfly (Facebook)] Build the best Planes in Eden!!!
==I on other social networks==
==Me on other social networks==
* Twitter: [ @dnolteeden]
* Twitter: [ @dnolteeden]
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*YouTube: [ TheDnolte]
*YouTube: [ TheDnolte]
==Building from me==
==Building from me==

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About meEdit

I'm David Nolte my first big World was "The Shopping Center 2 Beta 5'1" but I no longer working since September 2012. Since September 2012 I working with a other builder on Direct City. And since January 2013 I´m here Admin on the wikia. Currently I have a really cool and big project, I build a bigger airport for City Direct. I have make the Account and the Article of Direct City. Also I insert the dates of the updates in the Version History. I´m member of the Facebook page Eden - world builder // Elite builders there are few of the best builders of Eden. On my Block I post in the future few pictures and infos about my current projects. When you want a World Article for your World like the World Article of Direct City contact me Also I´m the creator of the Eden - World Builder Deutsch/German  Fan-page on Facebook. 

When you have a question or  want what other from me, you can leave me a message on my Message Wall, I will answer your question as soon as possible.

Wiki Job Status Years Edits Also
Eden- World Builder Wiki Admin Active DECEMBER 27, 2012-present 200+ Nothing
Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki User Inactive January 28, 2013-present 0+ Nothing
Block Earth Official Wiki Admin Active January 20, 2013-present 200+ Founder/Buerocrat
Block Universe Wiki User Active February 07, 2013-present 0+ Nothing
Block Earth Wiki User Inactive January 20, 2013-January 21, 2013 9+ Nothing

Pages where you can found me:Edit

My Favorite Buildings/WorldsEdit

Me on other social networksEdit

Building from meEdit

All of my building at a glance

Building  Informations World      Picture

Apple Store Collab WorldEdit

It´s a Cool and big Apple Store. With three Floors. EWBWCollab (since Version 4)

The Apple World in the EWBWCollab World from the outside.

Apple Store Direct City BigEdit

Big Apple Store near by the Monster Stadium and the Hospital. Direct City

Apple Store Emporium Edit

A little Apple Store in the Shopping Center Emporium. Direct City

Apple Store Pariser PlatzEdit

A Big Apple Store on the Pariser Platz. Direct City

Liberty Statue of Direct CityEdit

Replica of the Statue of LibertyDirect City

Brandenburg GateEdit

Replica of the Brandenburg Gate . Direct City

McDonalds Pariser PlatzEdit

A Big McDonalds on the Pariser Platzt. I think it´s the Biggest McDonalds in Eden. Direct City

Hard Rock Cafe Direct City Edit

A Hard Rock Cafe on the Pariser Platz. Direct City Coming Soon

Hotel Pariser PlatzEdit

A little Hotel on the Pariser Platz. Direct City Coming Soon

American Embassy Direct City Edit

The American Embassy of Direct City. Direct City

Yerba Buena Center (YBC)Edit

Replica of the Yerba Buena Center.  We decorate him at Apple keynotes like Apple. Direct City Coming Soon

The Shopping CenterEdit

A big Mall with a big Apple Store, other Shops and a big eating Lounge. The Shopping Center 2 Beta 5´1

Coming Soon


A big Stadium. With normal and VIP places. But it´s not a Replica of the real Westfalenstadion. The Shopping Center 2 Beta 5´1 Coming Soon

Hotel 1Edit

A little Hotel across from the stadium. The Shopping Center 2 Beta 5´1  Coming Soon

Apple Store Moon MallEdit

A little Apple Store in the Moonview Mega-Mall The Moonview Mega-Mall
Coming Soon Coming Soon ------------------ Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon ------------------ Coming Soon

More Coming Soon Edit

The developers are hard working on the new feautureas for 0.8.0. This is getting the biggest update of mcpe, yet. 

The developers started a big test group for Android to find out big bugs and that they can fix the bugs before they release it. They want to add more beta testers to the group but they can't add more at the moment. If you want to be a beta tester you need a Android device with the full version of Minecraft if you have them you can request to join here.

Here is the full list of the changes:


- new Blocks:
 - Birch and Spruce Planks, Slabs and Stairs
 - Block of Coal
 - Carpets
  - only red in Survival
  - all 16 Colors in creative
 - Cobblestone Walls
 - Hay Bales
 - Iron Bars
 - Jack O'Lantern
 - Rails
  - Powered Rails(always powered)
 - Creative Only:
 - Jungle Wood, Leaves, Wooden Planks, Slabs and Stairs
 - Sponge
 - Tall Grass and Ferns
 - Dead Bush
 - Mossy Cobblestone Walls
 - Snow(cover)
 - Ice


- Beetroots
 - Although Beetroots will be a source of red dye, Red Mushrooms still will give red dye when smelted
- Carrots
 - Rarely dropped from Zombies
- Potatoes
 - Rarely dropped from Zombies
- Pumpkins
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