Tips&Tricks by David Nolte

Here you can found Tips and Tricks around . All Tips and Tricks will explain Step by Step. It´s for beginners and advanced players on the game Eden - World Builder .

Freeze a creature

Here you learn how you can freeze a creature.

Step 1

Catch a Creature.

Step 2

Place a Ice Block.

Step 3

Place the caught Creature on the ice block.

Secret stepladder

This is a little Tip how to make a Secret Ladder

Step 1

Put some Ladder Blocks or Vine  Blocks how heigh you want.

Step 2

By using any other materials, form a corner by pulling them at the same height that the Ladders or the Vines.

Step 2

Go in the corner and go further forward to climb it.


Here you learn how to make fast a big trench.

Step 1

Create a square grid of TNT of the size you want by leaving five blocks of space between each TNT.

Step 2

Burn one of the TNT to explode all.

Return it to make a lower Dig.

Trap a creature

Trap a creature in a without the catch function. But could take a while ;).

Step 1

Make a large hole.

Step 2

Place around the hole at the border Ice Ramps.

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