Eden World Builder Wiki

A remake of the popular iOS game, Eden - World Builder, by Joseph The Engineer.



EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta1[]


EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta2[]


  • Initial release

EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta2.1[]

  • Fixed issue where the player was unable to get past the loading screen

EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta2.2 || 16-01-2018[]

  • Fixes issue that prevented players from loading worlds
  • Optimized world loading
  • Added moveable main menu UI
  • Added error log
  • Main Menu text + other various improvements
  • Fixed issue where user could open the block menu and pause menu at the same time
  • Fixed issue where old logo was scaled incorrectly
  • Fixes for main menu background bug
  • Fixes for missing textures in options menu
  • Main menu now loops background image forever

EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta3 || 27-01-2018[]


  • Added the ability to download worlds from the world server
  • Added search
  • Added world image preview
  • Fixed android filesystem bugs causing worlds to load incorrectly

EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta3.1 || 28-01-2018[]

  • Added the ability to view logs in-game
  • Options are now saved to a file
  • Fixes for main menu bugs

EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta3.2 || 29-01-2018[]

  • Optimized world loading

EdenUniverseBuilder v3.0.0 beta4 (upcoming release)[]

  • Optimized world loading
  • Added terrain generator for flat worlds
  • Added the ability to create and delete worlds
  • Recreated entire engine