Update 2.1.1 is an unreleased update for Eden World Builder. It was meant to be the first update after Eden was open-sourced and was created exclusively by the community. The update mainly focused on small optimizations and bug fixes. However, the update was cancelled due to its instability and Ari Ronen not wishing to further update the original Eden World Builder app.


  • Redesigned vines block texture
  • Vines will now be flammable and will turn into dark stone when they are burnt
  • Ice will turn to water when burnt
  • New splash screen image
  • iTunes file sharing for easy transferring of world files from PC to iOS devices
  • New background music track

Bug Fixes / Tweaks

  • Door opening sounder made quieter
  • Increased light brightness
  • Fire burns longer
  • Larger fire animation
  • Increased number of creatures that can be saved per world
  • Small world generation changes
  • iPhone X support
  • Other small bug fixes

Possible Features

  • Increased TNT blast radius
  • Texture changes



Increased fire animation size


The block selection menu with the new vines block

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