Update 2.1.1 is an upcoming update for Eden World Builder. It will be the first update since Eden was open-sourced and will be exclusively created by the community. The update mainly focuses on small optimizations and bug fixes.


  • Redesigned vines block texture
  • Vines will now be flammable and will turn into dark stone when they are burnt
  • Ice will turn to water when burnt
  • New splash screen image
  • iTunes file sharing for easy transferring of world files from PC to iOS devices
  • New background music track

Bug Fixes / Tweaks

  • Door opening sounder made quieter
  • Increased light brightness
  • Fire burns longer
  • Larger fire animation
  • Increased number of creatures that can be saved per world
  • Small world generation changes
  • iPhone X support
  • Other small bug fixes

Possible Features

  • Increased TNT blast radius
  • Texture changes



Increased fire animation size


The block selection menu with the new vines block