• Retina support and graphics update
  • Flowing liquids
  • Better explosions and improved fire
  • Much faster loading

Various interface improvements

  • Build Icon shows current block, you can now paint the current block and then build with that block
  • Ice slides will automatically adjust camera when you turn
  • Autojumps when moving forward, autojumps when placing a block under you

Options menu

  • New option: Toggle autojump when moving forward
  • New option: Graphics quality toggle: Fast/Best
  • Currently just disables in-game retina on fast, has no effect on non-retina devices but will in future updates.
  • Removed option: Invert Camera. It doesn't make sense with touch/swipe controls
  • Removed option: Caves. Due to rendering engine limitations they have a high performance cost.
  • To play a world with caves you can download an old one from the shared worlds.

New features

  • Adjusted lighting on angled walls and clouds
  • New title music
  • Translated app description to 9 languages. Full app localization planned.
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