• Eden is now a universal app(works on iPod touches,iPads,and iPhones)
  • HD graphics designed for the iPad
  • New painting mechanic, color any block with a touch

New blocks

  • Water, has animated texture and you can swim in it
  • Lava, has animated texture and gives you a little bounce
  • Note: Lava and water are regular blocks and don't flow (yet).
  • Trampoline, gives a real bounce
  • Translucent glass
  • Fence you can see through
  • Ice, slippery block with very little friction
  • Ramps(ice,wood,stone,shingles), you can walk up and down them without jumping
  • Angled walls(ice,wood,stone,shingles)
  • Ladders and Vines, blocks you can climb on
  • Cloud, normal block
  • Gradient normal block
  • Use the ice blocks, ramps and angled walls together to make ICE SLIDES!
  • Shadows
  • Clouds


  • Searching by name for shared worlds
  • Preview screenshots for shared worlds
  • Cloud hosting for maps for faster downloads
  • Caves are now an option(off by default)
  • Completely flat/empty world available for download
  • Touching the pickaxe or the burn icon when already in that mode changes to a 'nothing' mode(useful if you accidentally build or burn stuff)
  • Automatic view distance reduction for complex scenes
  • For best performance start a new world without caves or for the very best performance use Super Flatland
  • Major rendering engine improvements
  • Collision system reworked to support non-cube things like ramps
  • Added a gradient to the sky
  • A couple of menu animations
  • Various bug fixes
  • New sounds and art

Known issues

  • Translucencies and water/lava don't always render perfectly
  • No way to build a painted block with one touch *Fixed 1.6*
  • Cloth/Wool block removed for space reasons



  • Fixed memory leak in shared menu


  • Added choice between flat and normal terrain generation for new worlds
  • Added choice to set a new 'home' location
  • Made auto-view distance reduction less aggressive
  • Fixed bug where music wouldn't play when turned back on in options
  • Fixed memory leak with screenshots
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