USA Cities is a remake of the famous Magic City. There are many cities in this world and currently 174 buildings (most of them are skyscraper).

City Number of Buildings Specials Location
Bronx 23 Apple Store; Cinema; Subway; Park -
Manhatten 29 Central Park; Mall; Subway; Suburban-Train Station; -
Queens 66 Parking Lot; Park; One World Trade Center; Indoor Tennis Center; Subway; Suburban-Train Station; -
Atlanta City 20 Train Station, World Trade Center/ Twin Towers; Tree Avenue; Construction Site; Subway; (Airport); -
Brookyln 18 Football-Stadium -
San Francisco 18 - -
Hermann - - -
Lost Vegas - - -


  • The spawn belonged to city two since September 2014
  • Some buildings are 1:1 from Magic City, because the creator enjoyed them too much



Five USA Cities Preview

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