Trees can be found all over normal worlds on the surface. They come in 4 colors: Red leaves, yellow leaves, green leaves and a mix of green and yellow leaves. Trees are at an average of 6-9 blocks high. They spawn naturally in Normal Worlds and are completely burnable. The tops of trees are usually flat.


  • Trees are simply made from tree trunks and leaves, which are usually colored.
  • A common thing seen is when tree trunks are close together and the tree looks like it has two trunks and is multiple colors. The leaves are touching in an almost straight line on an entire side.
  • Burnt trees occasionally have surviving blocks of leaves, due to the burn pattern.
  • With the advent of update 2.0, there will be multiple types of trees generated in the world: Tropical trees, normal trees, and forest trees, each of them generated in their corresponding biomes.


Trees Burning

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