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The usual road, in a really cool world.

So you're stuck at this town, and you want to get to a build you made really far away in a matter of seconds (or it would be if it weren't for the pre-update buffers). Well, since you don't have a choice but to walk all the way, why not make a nice road, so both you and your visitors will have a dandier time exploring your magnificent worlds! Or you could make a roller coaster and be one of those people.

Videos and more pictures maybe laters.

How to make a good-looking Transit System

Depending on the type of transport you want, all you really have to do is place a line of ice blocks and (perferably) make it so you don't have users frustratedly trying to keep on the road/rails/etc.

First of all, paint the starting place for your road wherever you want it to be, then do the same for the ending point. Planning it out makes your job easier when building around it, or fitting it into an enviroment. This also allows you to keep the markings there so you can experiment with different looks without slipping and sliding around.

Next, an optional step which pleases players, add barriers to your road so that when you are breezing along, you don't stop because you accidentally landed on a plain block. 

Third step, and notably most important: Lay down the ice (or slippery block, whatever term you prefer!).You can now sail through towns, cities, and bomb shelters (or stomachs, caves, superhero war zones...your choice)! But it ain't over yet, champ.

STEP FOUR! I mean, you don't HAVE to do this step, but only morons just leave this out. Stylizing time! Colour the blocks to match your world, don't leave it greyish-blue unless you need to. And add character. Add a jump over a gap with trampolines or something, or make wacky slopes like a roller coaster to spice things up. Don't be a lazy susan. BE A MAN. (Or don't be, because I do like my ladies feminine)

Road Ideas

Don't want a dumb road with yellow and white lines, but don't know how to spice it up? I'll do some brainstorming for you:


-Tornado/Storm/Vortex (think Doctor Who or Wizard of Oz)

-Pipes (danger danger, don't slip!)

-Intestines (Yum, yum)

-One of those conveyor belt things in the airports, you know the ones.

-Food. (I'm so hungry right now, no joke)

-Be more creative, stupid.

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