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* Cassette Pixel Art by Abe (dribbble)
* Cassette Pixel Art by Abe (dribbble)
* Mienshao Pixel Art by kdiamo11 (DeviantArt)
* Mienshao Pixel Art by kdiamo11 (DeviantArt)
== Criticism ==
The Critics are almost all positive:
'''''" [...] Your world is very good and that's something everyone should put in the head because not every world can be amongst the top 30 [...] (8.5/10P) "'''''
'''''" Incredible!!  After spending a week looking for cubes, I really fell in love in your world! [...] " (4.5/5P)'''''
Nahaniel Brusch:
'''''"A huge world with many innovations" ''(8.6/10P)'''
'''''"This world is assuming the utmost discipline! [...] Cool stuff! [...]"'''''
'''''"Holy....Wow. Amazing"'''''

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Titans and Tracks is one of the largest worlds in Eden - World Builder. It is a flat world that began being worked on in late October 2011. The spawn is at the top of the rainbow pyramid. The name of the world was given, because of three giant 3D sculptures, which can be seen around the map. Another big part of the world are racetracks, big ice tracks where players can slide on.

Regions of Arkaria

The world "Titans and Tracks" contains a huge archipelago in which many cultures are placed. There are ten known regions, located on three inhabitable islands. Most of them are placed on the main island Arkaria Central, which is like the name says the central of the Archipelago.

Arkaria Central

The Main Island is separated in eight regions:

Central Point

Population: 76

Location: Center of Arkaria

Attractions: the rainbow pyramid; wipEout track "Outpost 7"

Eastside State

Population: 163

Location: East of Arkaria

Attractions: titan "Mienshao"


Population: 246

Location: West of Arkaria

Attractions: wipEout track "Freezing Point"


Population: 16

Location: South of Arkaria

Attractions: ???


Population: 0

Location: Northwest of Arkaria

Attractions: Managiri mountains (part of the Managiri Path racetrack); the university of Arkaria

Northern Bay

Population: 88

Location: North of Arkaria

Attractions: wipEout track "Subway"


Population: ???

Location: South of Arkaria

Attractions: titan "Vaporeon"

Southern Point

Population: ???

Location: South of Arkaria / Aurelia Island

Attractions: Aurelia Island (the old Funpark)

Outer Arkaria:

There are two regions listed, outside of Arkaria.

Little Disboard

Population: 35

Location: Disboard Island

Attractions: titan "Teto"; wipEout track "Disboard"


Little Disboard is located on the south of Arkaria and is an island inhabited by the titan Teto. The island is based of an anime called "No Game No Life". Teto is the god of this franchise, who takes place in the center of the island. He is surrounded by things that remind him of his own world, such as a "little" place to sleep. On this island can be found a village and a castle, based on the race "Immanity" and the "Elkia Castle", plains which referring to the race "Elven Gard" and some chess pieces.

You could call this place Tetos little vacation corner.

In the future the racetrack will be finished, the village and the plains will be expanded, a floating island for the "Flügel" is planned, and a small town for the race "Werebeasts" will be made.


Population: 0

Location: Ocean

Attractions: wipEout track "Sol"


The World features two ways of fast travel. The subway and a freeway, both still in construction. The subway, the main way of transportation leads around Arkaria Central, each station numbered from 0-15. It also has an international Station (S3), which offers Lines to the outer islands of Arkaria. The Arkaria Central Line is marked in orange, the outer Arkaria Line in Cyan. The freeway goes only around Arkaria Central and is marked in Orange and also features ice to slide on.

Here is a list of the Stations:

0. Central Point

  1. Outpost One Racing Circuit
  2. Inkopolis Square
  3. Old Castle and International Subway Station
  4. Southern Woodland
  5. Waterloo and Shadoville Main Station
  6. Southern Novak and Giant Station
  7. Harbour Station
  8. Maze
  9. Northern Novak
  10. Managiri University
  11. Northern Bay Station and Racing Circuit
  12. Ubermall
  13. Arkaria Central Spaceport
  14. Haven-Town
  15. East-Side State and Giant Station


There are currently five racetracks in this world, two finished, three in production.

In Arkaria, racing has become a phenomenon among people living there for ages. Therefor there are five tracks, where racing is held. Additionally a Grand Prix is done each year by the government to support the enjoyment of racing in all Arkaria. Since there are only five racetracks, the tracks gain different layouts to expand the schedule.

Current Schedule of the Arkarian Grand Prix (ArkaGP)

- (Not Listed yet)

Outpost One

Outpost 7

Length: short; Difficulty: easy

A racetrack that goes through a tunnel at the start, passing the underground caves of the southern side of Arkaria, which leads to Outpost One and afterwards to the downtown of Shadoville, where drivers can get a peak of the Inkopolis Square. Besides the normal Course, the track can be used in reverse, but also during the night time. There is also an additional Route for night time, which gives this Racetrack a total amount of 5 different Routes.

Managiri Path

Length: very long; Difficulty: medium


The track starts at the stadium of Novak, goes through the downtown of the city and then leads towards Managiri. Most of the track goes through the mountains of that region, which is the reason for the tracks name. It is by far the longest track in Arkaria and has the most shortcuts. To increase the track's length even further, an extension has been build, after passing through the first portal, which leads through the caves at Northern Bay.

North-East Underground (Unfinished)

Length: medium; Difficulty: extreme


A racetrack for more experienced drivers. The track starts at the Queensmall underground station and goes through the old subway tunnels of Northern Bay. Partly the track also leads through the Ubermall and an the airport of Arkaria. It is a track that punishes drivers for mistakes and can end the race by ease.

Arkaria 8/Climb (Unfinished)

Length: ???; Difficulty: ???

Sol is a track in the ocean area of Arkaria. The lag of walls and the jumps through the air gives the track a dangerous reputation. The track features an 8-Course (Arkaria 8) and an extension (Arkaria Climb), which experiments with the heights of this world.

Disboard Racing Circuit (Unfinished)

Length: ???; Difficulty: ???

The circuit is build by the titan Teto and leads through his imaginative island. The track will feature two Routes, one to the left and one to the right, going into different areas of Disboard.

Waterloo RCSW Circuit (Unfinished)

Lengh: ???; Difficulty: ???

The circuit in Waterloo is a mix of Rallycross and Highspeed Racing.

Version History

The world was created possibly 25th October 2011. Note: Some Versions are not shown, because those updates were too small and count as beta versions.

(Dates are displayed american [Month/Day/Year])


  1. guardevoirs Funland v1 (11/10/11)
  2. Super Funland V1 (11/20/11)
  3. Super Funland V4 (11/25/11)
  4. Super Funland V7 (01/01/12)
  5. Super Funland V10 (01/07/12)
  6. Super Funland V12 (01/10/12)
  7. Super Funland V13 (01/21/12)
  8. Super Funland V14 (01/26/12)
  9. Super Funland V16 (01/31/12)
  10. Super Funland V18 (02/06/12)
  11. Super Funland V20 (02/10/12)
  12. Super Funland V22 (03/04/12)
  13. Super Funland V23 (03/18/12)
  14. Super Funland V24 (04/27/12)
  15. Super Funland V25 (09/23/12)
  16. Super Funland V26 (10/03/12)
  17. Super Funland V28 (10/08/12)
  18. Super Funland V30 Special Edition (10/25/12)
  19. Super Funland V32 (11/01/12)
  20. Super Funland V34 (11/18/12)
  21. Super Funland V36 (11/25/12)
  22. Super Funland V37 (03/09/13)
  23. Super Funland V38 (05/30/13)
  24. Super Funland V39 (09/29/13)
  25. Super Funland V40 (10/07/13)
  26. Aw3 mountains 2 (10/11/13)
  27. Aw4 tokyo (10/15/13)
  28. Aw6 pyramid (10/19/13)
  29. Aw8 villa (10/24/13)
  30. Bv1 medival (10/30/13)
  31. Ar1 aerys (11/16/13)
  32. Ar4 casino (11/20/13)
  33. Ar5 beta (11/23/13)
  34. Ar6 wipEout (12/29/13)
  35. Ar7 Downtown (01/12/14)
  36. Ar8 Outpost 7 (01/18/14)
  37. Ar9 Shadoville (03/22/14)
  38. Aw9 Cave (03/29/14)
  39. Aw10 Forest (04/02/14)
  40. Wanted V63 (04/10/14)
  41. Wanted V64 "Mount Hawk" (04/19/14)
  42. Ar10 Wanted (04/22/14)
  43. Ar11 Oppoi (06/06/14)
  44. Ar12 Pir Hana Twin Towers (06/09/14)
  45. Ile de Geant V70 Mienshao (06/25/14)
  46. Ile du GeantV71 Voluptuous (07/07/14)
  47. Ile de GeantV72 Woodland 1 (08/01/14)
  48. Ile de GeantV73 Mine (08/29/14)
  49. Arrakis V74 (09/25/2014)
  50. Arrakis V75 (11/01/2014)
  51. Island of the Giant V76 (02/16/15)
  52. Island of the Giant V78 North Face (02/23/15)
  53. Island of the Giant V79 New Island (03/16/15)
  54. Island of the Giant V80 Sunset Beach (03/30/15)
  55. Island of the Giant Westcoast Cliffs (04/28/15)
  56. Island of the Giant V82 Forest (08/13/15)
  57. Island of the Giant V83 Frozen Cave (12/20/15)
  58. Island of the Giant V85 Racetrack (12/24/15)
  59. Island of the Giant Glacier Breeze (02/26/16)
  60. Island of the Giant V87 (02/20/17)
  61. EoT V88 (04/17/17)
  62. Two Titans V90 Island of Giants (02/23/18)
  63. Two Titans V91 'Teto' (12/16/19)
  64. Three Titans V64 'Disboard' (01/11/20)
  65. Titans V65 'Haven Town' (02/29/20)
  66. Titans and Tracks V66 'Nicks Castle' (06/07/20)
  67. Titans and Tracks V67 'Novak Arena' (07/28/20)
  68. Titans and Tracks V68 'Upgrade' (2020)


  1. Ar10 by BrixXx ' Hack by Vuenc (05/13/14)
  2. Titans V50 'xRay Edition' 03/17/20)


The world was made by Phil and started October 2011.

Guest Builders

  • AJ (1 Building in Novak)
  • Bnm (Started a mountain in Managiri)
  • Nick Art (1 Villa in East Side State, 1 Embassy in Northern Bay)
  • Noah (Started Project but got Removed)
  • Sam (1 House in Waterloo)
  • Santiago (2 Houses in Northern Bay; 1 Embassy in Northern Bay)


  • Jeremy
  • Vuenc

Pixel arts and Vaporeon 3D model

The pixel arts are found via the internet. They are originally pixel arts or photos/artworks edited with a mosaic filter. The Vaporeon is the only titan that was made via a blueprint, the other 3D figures are done selfmade!

  • Vaporeon made via a Minecraft Blueprint (Source missing)
  • Celeste pixel art originally done by Jorge Rocha (Art Station)
  • Aerys pixel art originally done by Gale Fierre (FA)
  • Ori pixel art originally done by Lineir (Steam)
  • Megumin pixel art found on novaskin (Minecraft Website- Artist unknown)
  • Inkling Boy/Inkling Girl pixel art originally done by menno87
  • Teto pixel art originally from a scene of the NGNL Anime. Edited with a mosaic filter.
  • Stephanie Dola pixel art originally from a scene of the NGNL Anime. Edited with a mosaic filter.
  • Shoe-Shop cover pixel art originally from Naturalton. Edited with a mosaic filter.
  • Cassette Pixel Art by Abe (dribbble)
  • Mienshao Pixel Art by kdiamo11 (DeviantArt)


  1. The map started with the name GUARDEVOIR's FUNLAND.
  2. One of the most unique parts of this world are the three titans and the racetracks. Besides that the world is also famous for name changes, which happened at least eleven times. Old notable names were Super Funland, Ar and Island of the Giant.
  3. In Version 79 (New Island), over 220 buildings were removed, because of a resize of the Island. It makes the map smaller and many unfinished and copied building constructions are removed.
  4. The world has many references to anime's like Pokemon, No Game No Life, Violet Evergarden; references to video games like, wipEout, Ori and the Blind Forest, The Binding of Isaac and other franchises like Moorhuhn and even Lego.


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