Eden is a fun game, but sometimes you are placed in situations where you can't do anything, or you want to see special things, This page is for all of the eden players to list their tips and tricks.

Ladder Height

If you need to get up to a roof or a building, you can build up ladders and when you get to your destination, you can burn it, and the ladder will be gone.
Caution: Don't let the ladder touch flammable items that you don't want to be destroyed.

Camera Shot

A very easy way of effectively taking a screenshot or looking at your whole world, you can make a glitch to catapult you upwards. First make a 3x4 hole, 3 blocks down and 4 blocks for each layer. You will have removed a total of 12 blocks. In the bottom of the hole, put trampolines.then on two sides parallel from each other put ice triangles. Then

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