Eden World Builder Wiki

Eden is a fun game, but sometimes you are placed in situations where you can't do anything, or you want to see special things, This page is for all of the eden players to list their tips and tricks.

Ladder Height

If you need to get up to a roof or a building, you can build up ladders and when you get to your destination, you can burn it, and the ladder will be gone.
Caution: Don't let the ladder touch flammable items that you don't want to be destroyed.

Camera Shot

A very easy way of effectively taking a screenshot or looking at your whole world, you can make a glitch to catapult you upwards.

Empty Exploring

By turning on the camera function in the menu, by not tapping anywhere or using any buttons but the moving and jump buttons, you can have a totally uninteruppted exploring time! This is key for video taking, or just a nice time.


This is how to make a mirror to troll your friends with. I got this technique from Boa49. First, you find a room. Second, you put glass where you want the mirror. Third, copy the room on the other side of the glass. Then you're done!

How To Stop A Creature From Moving

If you want a creature to not move this is a great way to do so. Place a block of ice anywhere. Then place an animal on the ice. Then You are done! This is great for zoos and guards for buildings.

Alien Mod

This is a really easy way to make really cool creations. I learned this trick from dblcut3. Basically you just triple click home and tap invert colors. To check it out, search dblcut3's alien mod world