Thunderbirds Designs is a flat-layout world created by NathanielBrusch as a tribute to his (my) favorite classic puppet adventure show from the 60's. What started as a random world with some of the randomly placed ships from the series and the open-air Tracy Villa turned into an extensive network of underground chambers containing a collection of the best vehicles and ships NathanielBrusch has encountered while looking for and exploring all the best worlds available to download in Eden. Today more is soon to come on the world; there will be an addition of Thunderbird 5, also available from the download list as "Thunderbird 5" (done by Nathaniel Brusch as well), another Tracy Villa design from another world, as well as a third Tracy Villa design from a world with the newer Thunderbirds movie version of the hq. 


Pictures will soon come after I figure out hhow to get enough time/good computer time to download pics off of my ipod touch.


Just a last note, this world isn't done, by it's really under pause right now as I'm focusing all my efforts into building my MEGA-HUGE Batcave world, LV Batcave V4 OC Nathaniel Brusch, not available yet but under way and in progress. 

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